The Value of Targetted Audience

As with all marketing strategies, before you can begin finding your target audience, you need to define the product, service, or content you provide, and the group you would like it to reach. Once you understand your target audience, you can create content that better benefits your users’ needs. Creating content and finding your target audience are therefore inextricably linked—as your find your audience, your content will change, and as you create your content, the audience might change. This connection between content and audience reminds us that we must always be aware of both!

Like most tasks, finding your target audience is easier said than done. As yourself a few of these questions before you begin marketing your product or content:

  1. What problems does my content solve or address? Use marketing resources wisely, and don’t share something with your audience just because you enjoy it or it’s popular. If your ad content does not connect to your marketing mission, then resist the urge to share!
  2. Who follows your content now? Maybe it’s only a few people, but that small group will give you a good idea of who is interested in what you are producing. You may need to look at your followers in terms of location, budget, gender, or other indicators to get an idea of who will benefit from your product.
  3. Am I competing with anyone? The answer to this is most likely “yes,” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of your competition and know how to set yourself apart from them. A quick internet search will reveal other individual’s or company’s creating similar products. Know what your followers get from you that they cannot get from your competitors.

Once you have defined your terms, you can begin building your target audience. However, don’t forget to continue creating content. Finding your target audience is an ongoing process that becomes easier as you establish yourself, your brand, and your content more completely.

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